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Hopux is a design, branding and UX UI company focused on supporting relationships and work culture to deliver world-class digital products.

We cooperate with many commercial and private clients delivery high quality services.

Let’s build or improve your digital product, logo or brand with Hopux.



Website design encompasses various elements and principles aimed at creating an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly online presence.


This business model has become increasingly popular, offering convenience and accessibility to both consumers and businesses.

Web apps

We have concepts, various functionalities and purposes, ranging from simple tools to complex business applications.

Mobile Apps

They are developed specifically for mobile platforms, taking advantage of the unique features and capabilities offered by these devices.


A brand is more than just a logo or a name – it represents the overall perception and identity of what it stands for in the minds of its audience.


User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are two closely related but distinct aspects of the design process for software, websites, and other digital products. 

7 steps to achieve your goal with Hopux

1st step


We contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss the details of the project.

1st step

2nd step

Define Goals and Objectives

Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with your graphic design strategy. This could include enhancing brand recognition, increasing engagement, or conveying a specific message.

2nd step

3rd step

Research and Analysis

Conduct thorough research on your target audience, competitors, and industry trends. Analyze what works well in your market and identify areas for improvement.

3rd step

4th step

Brand Identity Development

Develop or refine your brand identity, including elements such as logo, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines. Ensure consistency across all visual elements.

4th step

5th step

Conceptualization & Design Creation

Brainstorm ideas and concepts for your graphic design strategy. Consider how you can visually communicate your brand message effectively.

Begin creating the actual graphic design assets based on the concepts developed. This could include designs for various platforms such as social media, websites, print materials, etc.

5th step

6th step

Feedback and Iteration

Gather feedback from stakeholders, clients, or target audience members. Use this feedback to refine and improve your designs through iterative cycles.

6th step

7th step


Once the designs have been refined and approved, finalize them for distribution. Ensure that all designs meet the established brand guidelines and quality standards.

7th step
case study.

Hopux Design Logo Brand UX UI Case Study

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